Very first post…

Yep, this is my very first blog post. Well to be honest this is not my first blog post. I have had few blogs but those has not been very successful on my side. In those days I had so much going on that I really did not have time to write blog. I surely liked to but just did not do it. Well that’s about it…

Now what is going on right now? I have few bands called Deus Deceptor and Hangover Gang. Deus Deceptor is doing its own music and currently we had not released anything but we are in process to make/release our first song. Hangover Gang is playing rock covers of various bands and styles (rock, pop etc). We have made some good gigs in last year and had blast time. Now sadly it seems to go little bit down… Because other band members have a lot of going on their lives (kids, own business etc). But we will see where that goes… I surely keep you updated of my bands in this blog.

Also recently I have growth much of interest in photography. This is classic story… I bought good Nikon camera to my wife so she could take good photos of our dogs… And now when I have been in dog shows with her I must say I really like take good photos. I will post some of my photos here and share a link where you can find more. Lets just hope my wife lets me to use hers Nikon camera 😉

But that is all for now…

PS. And my phone shut down while writing this… Luckily this WorldPress have autosave function… So I did not lose so much writing at this time 😉

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