2014… Year of?

Okay… Long time again since last blog update. But to be honest it hasn’t happened so much to tell.

Recently there has been quite quiet on music side. And that it has been almost whole year 2014. Yes I had few some nice gigs… And I got few mixing gigs on end of year. I actually have blog post draft about those but I did not have time to finish those… I try to pull my thoughts together about those mixing gigs and write them down… I promise.

But where this all time has gone? Basically I have not done anything creative… Now when I have best opportunity to do that… All equipments are set and rehearsal room is just waiting that it is used. Well still no… Nothing has happened.

True is that I have been working a lot in last year and have given lot of my time to work… Even outside office I have give thoughts to work and planned my coming workdays on my free time… Is that healthy I do not know… But probably that is one of the main reasons why my creativity and music has been down.

But at least I now know that I have to give music and creativity more time in 2015… So here we come year 2015… Hope it will be year of music, because year 2014 was year of work.

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