Rebranding myself!

So new year and new way of thinking…

Some time ago (my last blog post) I thought trough how was year 2014 and what I did not liked what I saw. So something needed to be changed and change starts here!
So I will get more focused about music and change my “internet brand” more according it.

Now I will release my own music project/production Paradox Sonum!

Paradox Sonum is single man music project and/or production.
Under this name I will do everything music related… and yeah, I mean everything.
My focus will be in own songs, mixing, mastering, live mixing, gig organisation… everything, you name it.

I am not going to restrict my self in any musical category or way… I will do everything what I like. So do not wait anything specific music styles or songs. I will be around and do what feels good for me at that time. Some day it might be metal and on another day it might be some experimental bass line project what is more like jazz. Time will show what comes out if something comes out. Also I will not take any stress about to be productive. If nothing do not come out… then it won’t and I will not release anything.

All my releases mixing, mastering, records will be free.
If someone wants order recording, mixing or mastering from me it will be done free.
I am not professional any of those fields… but it will be free and I will do my best.

Everything is now of course at starting point… but here is some links where you can follow Paradoxa Sonum
Facebook for more often short updates what is going on and info about new release etc.
BandCamp for song releases
SoundCloud for not so ready songs and mixes
(at least at this point I am planning to release some rough mixes) paradoxasonum

And of course you can find me here WordPress for more in-depth posts and thoughts:

I will not give up my other bands and those will remain as active as they are.

Deus Deceptor will continue making its first song and hopefully it will be released before summer.
You can find releases from Band Camp when those are ready:
Or you can find Deus Deceptor from Facebook:

Hangover Gang will stay as inactive as it is.
HoG is now at passive state. We will not actively sell gigs, but if someone really wants us to play a gig… we will probably do it if someone asks it. So contact us if you want.
You can find HoG from Facebook:

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