About Paradox

Paradoxical Production is one man project and/or production. Music, mixing, mastering and live events!

Pradox focus is to help small bands and organisations produce great music and events! Aim is to produce artist vision as best quality and most cost effective way. If Paradox is missing some skill set or equipment we try to get those or use 3rd party for that. Most important thing is artist vision of music!
Paradoxical Production studio is located in Lieto, Finland. But as now days in digital world we can collaborate on music production around the world!

Pricing you ask? There is reference price list yes, but I try to keep my prices as low as possible. I want to focus creating arts rather than invoice for doing that! So if you have some interesting project contact me and I can even do it free for you (or with beer price 😉 ).

Bigger and/or tight time schedule projects I will want little fee of my services. In other hand if you are “demo band” what want to release first demo I will probably do production free of charge to you!

Only thing what I alway require is that Paradoxical Production gets credit of work.

So if you have vision or audio what needs of production, please do not hesitate to contact Paradoxical Production!

You can also follow Paradoxical Production on Facebook. I will release there more day to day updates!
On SoundCloud you can find my own releases and under working material. All finished releases will of course  be found from iTunes, Apple Music and from Spotify.

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Paradoxical Production is one man project, production and studio. Music, mixing, mastering and recording.

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