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Studio revamp with Ubuntu Studio

I have had long run with Windows and little shorter one with Reaper DAW. But now my cup was full with M$ Windows and all the issues with it after Windows 7.

Last drop was when I where trying to help my good friend with update loop issue… I started to wonder if that could happen to me in middle of important studio project?! And for sure that is not I want to happen!

So I wondered what could be alternative and what would be fallback solution? As you all know a rolling stone gathers no moss so I needed to keep my studio rolling! One way would be go to OSX and Apple world. But the crossover price would be too high with OSX and I already had good computer in my studio. Also to be honest only thing that kept me away from Linux world was games… but as now days I do not play games anymore that seemed to be the right choice. About Linux I like the ideology behind it “free for all and use it way you like”. Of course this way of thinking has its own disadvantages… and those are probably the reasons why Linux is not that popular on PC as it could be. So this “series” of blog post is about how I changed my studio to “Linux World”, what issues I faced and how I managed to solve those (if I managed to solve those). Goal is not to hype any distro over another, but of course I refer a lot to distro what I chosed. I try to keep my post informative and guide like so someone else can also setup own studio with these instructions and get low latency audio work on Linux studio computer!

If you have any questions about how I have setup something, do not hesitate to ask. I try to clarify things. Also keep in mind that I am not Linux specialist so my instructors / guides are not always the best way to do things… but as always I try to setup most effective and best audio studio setup!

So for my studio I choosed my distro to be Ubuntu Studio. That seemed like best option for me as it have lot of things already setup and pre configured. It is running with real time kernel and low latency audio ALSA pre setuped. It also includes JACK and Pulseaudio pre configured as much as possible. It also contains lot of other pre setuped thing and installed softwares but I come those later on next posts.

Sadly as I previously said that I needed fallback solution also. I am somewhat familiar with VMWare from work so I decided that my fallback solution would be Windows machine in VMWare desktop player. I coverted my running studio computer to VM and copied it to safe before I started the installation of Ubuntu Studio.

On my next posts I will get in more detailed how I set things up. Linux studio is still working in progress, but I try to cover all areas what I have already done and keep blog posts coming when I setup it more!