Price list

This price list is just a reference price list so if you have some interesting project going I am open for any suggestions!

Recording in Paradox Studio 15 € / hour (minimum charge 2 hours)
Recording elsewhere 20 € / hour + 0.43 € / km (minimum charge 2 hours)

Mixing and mastering 50 – 100 € / song (when I get audio I will review it and then we agree the price)
Mastering 20 € / song

All other audio editing / processing work 15 € / hour

Live mixing and live audio work 15 € / h + 0.43 € / km (minimum charge 2 hours)

(Live mixing includes all stage setup etc handyman work, if you have bigger event please contact me and we can discuss project based invoicing)

All service prices include all equipments what I have in use, but if you need bigger production / live event I can handle renting equipments. All costs will be of course confirmed from customer before rent. 


Travelling will be changed separately 0.43 € / km + possible other expenses (like hotel costs).

All prices include FINLAND tax 24%.

Subject to change without notice.

Paradoxical Production is one man project, production and studio. Music, mixing, mastering and recording.

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