Studio productions

Paradoxical Production is all about producting music for small / demo bands!

Goal is to help small / demo bands to release theirs music in good quality and in low cost. Now days digital world makes that easier and cost effective.

Paradox aims to offer full production from recording, mixing, mastering and finally to album release.

First we agree with artist / band what role Paradox will take on this release. If artist / band decide that they want only mixing or recording and will be handling everything else by them self… It is just fine. Then they prove me audio files and I will do only mixing for those or if recording then we discuss that where I come to record this or they can come to my studio to record.

Artist always decides how they want to proceed, because it is theirs vision not Paradoxs!


Paradox aims that musician / band artistic vision gets done as it should be done. So artists makes always the decision on production.

Paradox can prove guidance to production and how we can get best results. Also Paradox can take bigger role of album creation process and act as producer if artist wants that… But anyway musician / band has still makes the artistic decisions.


Recording can be done in Paradoxical Production (small) studio or at artist / band facilities. Paradox got mobile studio using Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and Reaper DAW.

I always bring best equipment what I got in hands at that moment and my equipment list is constantly growing / changing.

Recording is only available in Finland and my studio is located in Lieto, Finland.

Mixing / mastering

Mixing and mastering is done with Repaer DAW. As always I am using best available plugins to get best result.

Mixing is done in multi staged and strongly collaboration with artist. Paradox will make many mix downs and send those to artist to review and to listen. In this way if we are going to wrong direction we can quickly rollback to earlier version and start working from there again.

Once again… It is artists vision what we making to happen!

Mixing services can be proved globally and I prefer to use Dropbox to switch audio files.


Paradoxical Production is A&R member on Record Union! So Paradox can prove full digital distribution for your music!

If you however want physical release we can handle that of course also, but then we are using 3rd party print services (CD and booklet).

Paradox do not offer any graphical services but we can help you find an artist to booklet for you… And work as an producer in this part also if artist wants that!

Remember that Paradoxical Production is not an music label. So we do not do any distribution or marketing, except digital distribution via Record Union.

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Paradoxical Production is one man project, production and studio. Music, mixing, mastering and recording.

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