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Your life, your decision…

Again it seems that I have lot of work and no time for music…

Sad… Too sad. But this all is two sided blade. I might be crazy but I actually like what I do for living. It is bad combination. For those who do not know what I do… I work for global company on Information Management. On last week I got great news on work and it seems that I got very busy year coming. 

But anyway I see this as challenge… Challenge that I surely can master. 

On last few weeks something has been growing inside me. When I get to home I just need to turn my stereo on and play music as loud as I can! So something is defenetly growing up deep in my mind. Just waiting that it comes out! 

Feel is almost like in my teen years… Music or nothing!

I leave this for now…. I just do not know how to describe this, but I quote one real show biz tv show what I have been forced (yeah right forced 😉 ) to watch by my wife.

Your life, your decision… “Do not fuck it up”!